Blog Post Anatomy

Does Blog Post Writing Intimidate You?

If you need to know the Anatomy of a Blog Post, then you’ve come to the right spot. This infographic can help you understand more about writing a blog post.

1- Awesome Headline
Your headline is very often the first thing people will see. It should be interesting enough to make people want to read rest of story. Don’t be boring!

2- Catchy Picture
A picture in a blog post is a good way to break up a mass of text. It‘s even more important today with image sharing sites like Pinterest gaining widespread popularity.. Check the copyrights of your pictures!

Your introduction is another chance to hook your reader in. You need to tell people why they should read your blog post. Don’t overwrite this, punchy intro is more effective.

4-Lead In
After your intro, segue into your main points. If you are doing a list style post, use a line like “The main points are…” rather than just putting a bulleted list directly after your intro.

5-Your Main Points
Deliver your main points that you want to make. You can use a bulleted list to break them down, or use headings over paragraphs. Write for your reader, not search engines.

A blog post isn’t a college essay. You don’t have to reiterate all of your points again, but a closing paragraph does wrap up your post and doesn’t leave readers hanging.

7-Invitation For Feedback
The comments section of your blog is a great way to build a community. Make sure you leave a line at the end of your post to engage people. Something as simple as “What do you think?” can work.

8-Related Posts & Comments & Sharing
Use plugins, or your theme, to share related posts people might want to read. Make sure you reply to all comments received. Share your post on social media.





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