Powerful WordPress Popup Plugin

This Is A Must Own WordPress Popup Plugin

WordPress Popup PluginThis Powerful WordPress Popup Plugin Quickly Creates Alert Boxes That Will Demand Instant Attention From Your Visitors! Use the power of social network giants, and video chat providers, to grab the attention of your visitors!

Using the techniques of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype, your site will demand attention!

You design your custom alerts so that they will look like a Skype Call, a Facebook Message, a Yahoo Messenger message, and even Google Talk messages.

Here is the list of WP Grab Master’s very powerful features:

  • Easy Setup: Upload via your WP admin area and activate. You are finished!
  • Customize It: Each alert can be fully customized with web links and text.
  • Time It: Set the appearance time for instant attention, delayed, or exit attention.
  • Easy To Use: With the provided documentation, and on screen tips, anyone can use this plugin.
  • Alert Location: You can choose slide up, slide down, or center of screen.
  • Sound Effects: Mimic Skype ring, Google Talk, Yahoo Messanger, and others.

This download is reserved for Best Ride Members.

It’s Simple & Fast!


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