A News Plugin For Displaying News Boxes

This News Plugin Can Easily Display News Boxes From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and More.

News PluginThis News Plugin is for if you’re ready to send more eye balls to your blogs the easy way so that you can get more leads, more subscribers, and more sales.

Discover How You Can Unleash Server-Melting Traffic! The News will bring traffic, and this amazing WordPress Plugin will help you with converting the traffic.

It’s no secret that news will always be evergreen, and it will attract the attention of people. Especially on the internet.

WP News Pro is an easy-to-install, traffic-driving, WP Plugin. It’s so simple to use that you may get a laugh from it. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, it can be devastatingly powerful with how it can pull traffic from search engines and social media sites.

So What WP News Pro do?

  • Display content from different sources such as Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube. and Pinterest (these are respected and well-known sources that will add a “halo” of authority)
  • The news will be displayed in several useful ways such as: inside content, content feed, website link and as a widget!
  • You can choose between different types of content. Images, news, profiles, product, and timeline.
  • You can easily sort them by date so you can display the most relevant news available at the time.
  • 100% fully responsive,  meaning the news will automatically adapt to any mobile device (iPad, IPhone, Android…etc.)
  • You can use three different types of amazing effects: Slider, Boy Roll, JavaScript Roll.
  • And much, much more!

This download is reserved for Best Ride Members.

It’s Simple & Fast!


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