Lottery Scratch Off Tips For Buying Winning Tickets

Lottery Scratch Off Ticket Strategies

Lottery Scratch OffWith Lottery Scratch Off tickets, you win cash instantly. In most states, you can cash out anywhere from from $500-$600 from the same location you purchased the ticket.

The first tip, and one of the most important ones, is the concept of playing ‘new’ games!  A “new game” is a scratch off lottery game that has recently been added. Most states, and countries, come out with new scratch off games regularly. It’s CRUCIAL that you play the new ones!

The reason why, is because some scratch off games have been around for several months, and even over a year! That usually means that most of the prizes have already been claimed for those games. Not only the TOP prizes (which can be pretty substantial amounts of money sometimes), but even the smaller prizes such as the $2 – $500 prizes. It’s not rocket science, it’s quite obvious that the newer the game, the fresher the prizes.

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