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Paid Traffic – The Rise Of Online Advertising

Paid Traffic is a form of online advertising and is fast becoming the first option for companies looking to spend their ad budget.

Who Is Spending?

  • Retail 20%
  • Finance 13%
  • Telecom 11%
  • Travel 9%
  • Computing 8%

Online advertising is used by most industries. This chart shows the six industries that spend the most money on online advertising.


  • Performance Based 66%
  • Cost Per Impression 32%
  • Hybrid 2%

Performance based ads (such as Pay Per Click) are still the overwhelming favorite of ad buyers.

  • Search Based Ads 46%
  • Display Ads 33%
  • Other 12%
  • Mobile Ads 9%

Online search based ads are still the most popular form of online advertising. On the other hand, mobile ads are growing at the fastest rate.

ONLINE VS TRADITIONAL MEDIA – In Billions Of Dollars Spent (2005)

  • Broadcast TV 39.6
  • Online 36.6
  • Print 34
  • Radio 15

The combined ad revenue of TV (cable & broadcast) still rules media, but online advertising continues to grow.


  • Mobile ad revenue showed the highest growth of any format (111% in 2012)
  • Mobile ad revenue growth should remain steady since some features are still relatively untapped (i.e. location based targeting).
  • The top ten online ad companies control 72% of ad revenue. Google is the leader. This trend has been relatively static for a couple of years.
  • Two forms of media have positive compound annual growth rates (CAGR) between 2005 through 2011: Cable Television at 4.6% and Internet at 16.5%.
  • In every year since 2005, the annual growth rates of Internet advertising have exceeded those of other advertising media.
  • Internet advertising has experienced double-digit annual growth in every year except 2009; no other media has experienced double-digit growth in any year.
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