Google Plus Share Lock Plugin Will Force Your Visitors To Share Before You Share With Them.

Google Plus Share Lock PluginGoogle Plus Share Lock Plugin uses content lockers, and a traffic pop feature, to force your visitors to +1 your content before it can be viewed. And, you can place as many as you like on any post or page.

You can even place them on a download page to force a +1 share before your customer, or prospect, can download a product, or free report, you might have.

Some of the awesome features of this plugin:

  • A traffic pop up box complete with optional timer and close button
  • Add the URL you want visitors to +1
  • Force your visitors to +1 your content before entering your site
  • 7 content lockers to hide your content within any post or page
  • Includes 7 different skins to fit your design and style
  • Easy short-code setup right from WP editor
  • Add any message into the content box that you want to display

And much more!

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