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  3. Astrology & Biorhthym Readings + E Books & Training Courses) Astrology & Biorhthym Readings; E Books & Training courses for astrology, tarot, divination, numerology, tantra, wicca, magick, feng shui & natural healing)
  4. Mindfulness Meditation Books by Alfred James) Bestselling mindfulness books by leading mindfulness author Alfred James. If you have a meditation blog, spiritual/consciousness related site or a self-development mailing list this is regular, easy money. Books sell themselves. Zero refunds.)
  6. Personal Freedom: A Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams) This no-nonsense guide to personal freedom walks you through every stage of successful lifestyle design, from goal setting and housecleaning your life to how to create your personal philosophy. There's no fluff or New Age nonsense - only stuff that works.)
  7. Genius Brain Power MP3 Audio Package) A powerful, comprehensive brainwave entrainment system that will make you smarter, relieve stress, help you achieve incredibly deep meditative states, and tap into your brain's unlimited potential.)
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  10. I Can. Therefore I Will) I Can. Therefore, I Will shows its readers how to conquer their fears and begin turning their dreams into reality simply by unleashing the hidden powers of their mind. Aimed at the self improvement market, this product pays 50 percent commission.)
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