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  1. I Can. Therefore I Will) I Can. Therefore, I Will shows its readers how to conquer their fears and begin turning their dreams into reality simply by unleashing the hidden powers of their mind. Aimed at the self improvement market, this product pays 50 percent commission.)
  2. Zenmind Affirmations) A holistic mind-power system of Hypnotic Positive Affirmations mixed with Brainwave Entrainment mp3:s... Health, Wealth, Abundance, Manifestation, Self Esteem, Success. Affiliate Tools
  3. Unique Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Course: Top Seller With Upsells) Unique and high converting lucid dreaming bootcamp course teaching people how to control their dreams through lucid dreaming. Recently raised your commission to 75%. 4 Upsells, potential order value of $345+, email us for joint ventures and timed promos.)
  4. Mindfulness Meditation Books by Alfred James) Bestselling mindfulness books by leading mindfulness author Alfred James. If you have a meditation blog, spiritual/consciousness related site or a self-development mailing list this is regular, easy money. Books sell themselves. Zero refunds.)
  5. Go Big VIP Coaching Program with Kristen Howe the Go Big Coach) 50% Commissions - VIP Coaching Program Combines Step By Step Applications PLUS Personal Accountability To Help You Live an Extraordinary Life! Check out this program and many more - affiliates go to:
  6. Life Optimization Coaching Certification Program) World renowned life coach, Dr. Joe Rubino teaches the same life-changing principles he uses in his own practice. $97 initial sale with $97 upsell equals high commissions and satisfied customers. Earn high commissions and change lives!)
  7. Audio Mind Control) Brainwave Entrainment. Make 75% on front end & 75% on two $27 upsells. Affiliate page :== Other Warren Banks products 5 Minute Learning Machine & Mind Power Miracles)
  8. The Solo Ad Lifestyle Course) PROVEN and Time-Tested Tools and Strategies that you can use immediately to achieve anything that you want out of life!)
  9. Six Minutes to Success 50% Comms!) Daily video lesson from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Ongoing subscription with no end date! 50% commissions!)
  10. Beyond the Fundamentals) Kathe Perez did it again! This MP3 audio program provides advanced transgender voice feminization techniques and is a follow up to her best selling voice feminization program, Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice. 50% commission.)
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