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  1. Child Monitoring Software - pcTattletale) Help parents keep their kids safe online. Every parent needs to know what their kids are doing on their computer or phone these days. pcTattletale appeals to a very large audience. Use the affiliate tools link to get access to free media kit.)
  2. Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Coaching Certification) From renowned life-optimization coach Joe Rubino: High-ticket product with proven copy perfect for any niche that relates to children, parenting, and family. Certification teaches how to make a profound impact on the happiness and future of children.)
  3. The Secrets Of Ballooning) Every parent wants his child to have a higher self-esteem as it's crucial to happiness later in life. Help children to benefit from learning balloon animals and get a 50% commission. See affiliate page for videos, Email swipes and banners)
  4. Shimmer the Glowworm's SPARKLE Program) For Homeschooling, Daycare, Stay-at-Home Mom influencers! We are offering a whopping 50% of referred sales and the opportunity to Empower Children with Self-Esteem, Sociability, and Compassion, through Shimmer's Story.
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