This WordPress Notification Plugin Has 30 Promotional Toolbars Packed Into 1 Simple User Interface!

WordPress Notification PluginThis WordPress Notification Plugin displays an eye-catching welcome bar to catch the attention of your visitors. You definitely want this plugin if your want to interact more with your visitors.

It has 32 types of easing effects for the WP Advert toolbar. You can have it show to guest only, members only, or both. Plus, you can display it on all pages, on all posts, only the homepage, or on any page or post separately using ID’s.

Another great feature is you can display it on the top of your page, or on the bottom of it. Plus, the notification bar can be collapsed, or expanded, when it is loaded.

Feature of Advert Plugin:

  • Custom Notification Messages based on the Referrer.
  • Show the Notification Bar to Members & Guests. You can all display on all Pages, Posts, and ID’s.
  • Choose whether to Scroll, Alternate, or Slide the Notification Text with 32 types of easing effects to show the message in the Eye Catching Bar.
  • Select the Marquee Direction, Font Size, Font Color, etc.., for the Notification Text.
  • Notification Bar’s Target URL on Click, Color, Height, Border Color etc can be set
  • Button’s Text in Collapsed and Expanded state, Color, Height, Width, Position from Left etc can be set
  • Show the Eye Catching Bar on Page Load in Collapsed or Expanded state.

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