Squeeze Pages With Animation Videos To Help You Convert Traffic

Squeeze PagesSqueeze pages are here to help because you have worked hard building back-links, optimizing your site, using social bookmarking, blog commenting, and forming email joint ventures, but yet you have not attracted a single visitor to your website.

As you know already, the money is in the list, so you need your web visitor to Opt In (i.e. to give you their email address), and voluntarily join your mailing list. That sounds simple enough, but many people see very low conversions (in some cases as low as single digit conversions) on their sites. Very few marketers focus enough of their attention on their conversion rates, which is a massive missed opportunity.

Improving your conversion rate is one of the cheapest ways of increasing your profits, and it’s logical that increasing your conversion rate will have a corresponding effect on your site’s profitability. It’s because you have the chance to guide every new subscriber through your sales funnel, plus you can do this without increasing your traffic generating activities, or expenses.


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