No Right Click Plugin Stops Attempts to Steal Your Blog Content, Or View Your Source code.

No Right Click PluginA No Right Click Plugin should be in your toolbox because – Fact : 500,000+ New People Are Searching For Various Search Terms Each Month For Information On How to Steal Website Content…

Here’s A WordPress Plugin That Will Help You Sleep At Night Knowing That Your Blogs, And Client Blogs, Have An Added Layer Of Security, And You’re Actually Benefiting When Users Try To Steal!

When visitors attempt to steal your content or view your website’s source code, a popup shows up!

Let’s See What This Plugin Can Do:

  1. When someone tries to copy your images, by right clicking and selecting copy, OR right click and view image, an HTML popup shows up.
  2. When someone is about to copy your contents by highlighting and clicking Copy (Ctrl + C), an HTML popup shows up.
  3. When someone tries to steal your bandwidth by right clicking, and view image, and copying its URL into their browser, or using on their sites, then an HTML popup shows up.

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