Get Fancy With This Fancy Box Poppers WordPress Popup Plugin

WordPress Popup PluginCreate & manage popups on your blog with this simple to use WordPress Popup Plugin. When you use this WordPress popup plugin, you will be able to create as many popups as you would like.

Everything you need is right here! Do you want a popup on only one blog page? Or, do you need popups to appear on multiple blog pages and blog posts?

This WordPress popup plugin has a simple to use dashboard for you to quickly, and effortlessly, create attractive popup windows.

Why Fancy Box Poppers?

  • It’s A Simple And Effective Plugin That Can Fit Any Industry
  • It Has An Easy To Use Dashboard For Content Editing
  • Instant Live Updating & Hands Free Content Updating
  • No Programming, Designing, Or Any Techie Skills Required

What’s Included In Fancy Box Poppers?

Display Popup On Specific Page – This plugin has a short code option to display the popup on a specific page. Just copy and paste the plugin short code into a post or page to display the popup. You can use group name, or message id, to display the popup.

No skills required, just edit, copy & paste!

Full Featured Dashboard – Manage your Fancy Box Poppers popups in an easy to use, and understandable, dashboard that will allow you to create and edit your popups.

You can also add images and videos to entire sites, or to individual pages and posts!

Easy HTML Editor – Easily customize popups with a standard WordPress HTML editor when you create your popup messages.

Content Customization

Easily configure popup size and timeout (i.e. show popup window based on timeout after page load). You can also display any content like videos, images, opt-ins, advertisements, and more.

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