Bad Ass Countdown Plugin For WordPress

Bad Ass Countdown PluginThis Bad Ass Countdown plugin adds a new twist to an old, but extremely powerful, sales concept. The concept is scarcity, and this bad ass countdown plugin is all about it.

Most countdown plugins do one thing and one thing only; they flash a clock informing the prospect when the special price, or offer, will expire. You’ve probably seen them right? One time offers with a countdown!

They’re everywhere. And yes, they DO work! Unfortunately, however, they’re becoming less and less effective as consumers become more and more savvy.

Bad Ass Countdown Plugin will do the following functions:

  • Set your expiration date and time.
  • Set your start price
  • Set the increase increment
  • Create and Copy Short Code
  • Paste short code on a page, post or sidebar widget
  • Your prospect watches price increase as time winds down.

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