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Blake HopesHello, I’m Blake, and welcome to my website. Please browse my collection of Internet Marketer and Webmaster Tools that are all in the form of eBooks, software, plugins for WordPress, video tutorials, audio tracks, and more.

The tools that you download from this page are pro picked, and I encourage you to use everything to it’s fullest potential, they are game changers, and they do have the ability to help your business, your website, and you.

So what is it that you’re able to do with the downloads that you find on this website?Internet Marketer and Webmaster Service Tools

You can:

  • use the products for snippets, or take eBooks and convert them into articles for your website.
  • sell products on your website, eBay, Tradebit, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere.
  • turn your website into a membership website and supply your members with all of the products.
  • use content from eBooks and reports into newsletters for your subscribers.
  • use products within your autoresponder, or to entice people to join with products.
  • create special bundles and sell the bundles at a bargain.
  • giveaway products to your members and tag your affiliate links in it for extra profit.
  • Create an eCourse from the content.
  • create a bunch of Adsense sites with the content.
  • use products as a bonus to raise your conversions.
  • promote products on Clickbank and JVZOO.
  • create your own info product from the information.
  • re-create the videos as you’re learning from them, and upload them to YouTube, or display on your website.
  • create print books and reports for offline use.
  • use the content for webinars and seminars.
  • translate the products into different languages and reach new audiences.
  • use the software and plugins for productivity.
  • learn from the products yourself.

There are many uses of these products. I’m sure you can think of even more uses for them. The list of uses can be expanded really deep.

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